Album Review RUIN Spread Plague Hell

RUIN Cover art

RUIN “Spread Plague Hell”

Nero One Records

Don’t confuse this dark beast with the other dozen bands sharing the same name. This one is a cult of death metal and morbidity coming from California.

Actually, the identity of members remains in secret, although it seems like some of them have current bands. Apparently, the band was formed in 1990, and yes, it sounds rotten and solid as fuck. They don’t need to demonstrate anything as they have dark roots in authentic death metal atmospheres and holocaustic guitar riffs. Of course, everything sounds explosive, corrosive and with high doses of chaos. All tracks recall me old works from gods like Incantation, Autopsy, Death, etc., but these guys added an own seal with punkish breath in the entire demo. Also, you can feel the bad blood in extremely low tuned guitar riffs, and rotten vocal lines. It’s a shame that these guys didn’t release a full length in those years, but as they decided to out of the tomb this year, hopefully we will hear more of them soon. – Victor Varas

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