Album Review SUFFERING Chaosatanas

Suffering cover art

SUFFERING “Chaosatanas”

Mort Productions

Aaaaaaargh!!! Now we are talking, duuude! This EP was released in 2014 and is supposed to be a second opus from the Polish beast.

Of course, don’t confuse with the other thousand bands with the same name, especially with Mexican cult band. These guys are deep into cold, rabid and holocaustic black metal in the vein of Setherial, (early) Marduk, etc. All these tracks transmit high doses of painful guitar riffs, and chaotic miasmas direct to the bone. If you ask me, the recording sounds excellent as we can hear all instruments and all the furious. This is intense and satanic music, influenced by second wave of Scandinavian black metal, but the band knows about dissonant guitar structures and epic lines full of blood and rottenness. I liked because the band has cleared how they want to sound, and everything delivers excellent atmospheres full of darkness. Maybe, it’s not the most original stuff I’ve heard this year, so, if you worship the traditional sound of this dark genre, and you don’t like modern changes in black metal music, this is for you. – Victor Varas

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