Album Review DOGBANE When Karma Comes Calling

Dogbane cover art

DOGBANE “When Karma Comes Calling”

Heaven and Hell Records

This is another heavy metal band giving total worship to Black Sabbath’s legacy, but definitely with a quite peculiar perspective of doom metal genre.

Coming from North Carolina, on the second album this band forged a very solid heavy metal full of dynamic guitar riffs and cool vocal lines. Everything is tied by good doses of vintage touch and heaviness if you know what I mean. My favourite song is “Deceiver” which has an obscured atmosphere ala Black Sabbath, with heavy guitar riffs, dense bass guitar performance and extraordinary choruses. An epic guitar solo completes the circle, and probably is one of the most successful songs in live stage. My only complaint is that vocalist Jeff Neal is not tuned in some specific moments and sounds amateur, although he has others really brilliant moments. I can’t say that is a band that found its real personality, but it seems like they have good musical skills and soon they’ll give us important news. – Victor Varas

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