Album Review FORCER Spirit of Metal

Forcer spirit of metal cover art

FORCER “Spirit of Metal”

American Line Prods/ Mictlan Prods/ Old Speaker Recs/ X Reviews Recs

A new generation of heavy metal bands is alive and kicking ass in Mexico. No doubt we are living important years for this genre, and the revival in some areas are excellent.

This case is a young band formed in Cuernavaca, Morelos with a really good debut album forged in heavy metal and traces of speed metal in Germanic tradition. Of course they are highly influenced by big names like Accept, Iron Maiden (those twin guitars!!), Judas Priest, Running Wild, etc. And they really created quite mature compositions with solid guitar riffs, epic vocal lines and pure steel running through the veins. All tracks are based in the most authentic and traditional heavy metal, so you can imagine songs performed with high doses of power. Also, I must say that vocalist Fernando Retana doesn’t need high pitched voice style to make a good performance. He just sings what is feeling, and the result is perfect. If these guys under twenties recorded such an acceptable heavy metal album, I can’t wait to hear what they will do in ten years.

My total respect for these four labels who joined forces (literally speaking) and supported a young project that deserves our attention. – Victor Varas

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