Album Review MIDNIGHT RITES Tales From the North


MIDNIGHT RITES “Tales From the North”

Sade Records

This is not bad at all for a debut album. Formed by a duo from Sweden and Spain, this new entity offers a high quality death/black metal, quite melodic and aggressive.

If you ask me, I find many “epic” tunes and power metal elements in almost all tracks, which gives a particular touch to the concept. Also, everything is tied by a particular perspective of extreme metal music, forged in good tunes and heavy metal guitar riffs. This is a quite powerful album debut that reminds me early years of melodic death metal and pagan metal genre in north Europe. All tracks have good musical arrangements, although sometimes it sounds a bit repetitive, and I hate when they combine clean vocals and guttural vocals. This is a debut album where I can’t say it’s something I haven’t heard before, but definitive everything is on its place, and it looks like these guys have been into metal music for many years. It’s not the best I’ve heard this beginning of the year, but many of you will enjoy this, for sure. – Victor Varas

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