Album Review MIND AFFLICTION Into the Void

Mind Affliction


Metal Scrap Records

This is a quite interesting and melodic mix of black metal and death metal, with high doses of modern elements and progressive sections.

Coming from Cracow, Poland, we are talking about highly experienced people in extreme metal music, with musical skills and good roots in both genres. All tracks sound corrosive but fresh and with good influences coming from melodic death metal from mid-90’s in Nordic area. Maybe this band should orientate musically to redefine those old elements and create and own seal, and maybe they should work a bit more to fix some details here and there, like repetitive sections, repetitive guitar riffs, etc. But this album sounds great and has high octane levels of composition. Also, I have to mention the quality of aggressive guitar riffs and the totally professional recording, which will blow your head off. It’s a relatively young band on its second full length album, and I think they’ll show their real potential soon, in a next release. Meanwhile, this is a good example for what is coming up from Poland in modern extreme metal bands, these days. Support the scene!! – Victor Varas

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