Album Review NUCLEAR Formula for Anarchy

Nuclear cover art

NUCLEAR “Formula for Anarchy”

Candlelight Records

This is a real Chilean attack!! Everybody knows that these guys have worked hard since 1995 when they were known as Escoria, and after many releases, this is one of the most solid and mature albums they have composed.

Now they are signed by a biggest record company, and they truly have grown musically speaking. On this album they keep carrying the thrash metal attack, proudly forged in aggressive guitar riffs, excellent drums sections and corrosive vocal lines. Of course, vocalist Matías Leonicio seems like has many influences from 80’s old vocalist in Bay area, but his throat insists in deliver holocaustic screams ala Tom Araya, to the point that in specific moments it’s quite similar. Maybe some of you will say that this album is a copycat of Slayer’s album “God hate us all” era, but believe me, these guys composed excellent musical arrangements and added some many doses of Latin-American fury that the result is awesome. It’s highly recommended for old skulls who worship high quality thrash metal bands. – Victor Varas

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