Album Review GOATTHROAT Rites of Blasphemy

Goatthroat cover art

GOATTHROAT “Rites of Blasphemy”

Tribulacion Productions / Symbol of Domination Productions

Shit! What a piece of satanic death/black metal I have here!! This sounds primitive, bestial and sharp like hell, and I’m sure many of you will recognize the ancient roots.

Coming from Germany, these guys are veterans in black metal genre, and they don’t need to demonstrate anything to the world; they just sit on the road and spit blood in painful guitar riffs, holocaustic structures and abysmal vocal lines. Of course this band knows about chaotic miasmas, but they added old school elements to the tunes, and definitely this sounds like a death machinery crushing skulls in hell. Also, recording is direct to the bone and crude like a piece of flesh. All tracks are based in sinister guitar lines and cathartic sections, with good taste and dark influences in ancient gods like Ungod, Desaster, old Sodom, etc. If you ask me, the track “End Time Prophecy” represents what this new entity wants to tell to the world. This is massive destruction with perennial guitar riffs, poisonous vocal lines and grim atmospheres. The passion for black metal genre here is remarkable, and I’m sure soon we will hear more news from this Germanic beast. – Victor Varas

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