Album Review MAVERICK Break it up

Maverick Cover artwork

MAVERICK “Break it up”

Sade Records

Well, this is a surprise for me. It seems like Spain still follows the old tradition of awesome heavy metal bands and these days we can meet many of them making great albums. This case is a good example.

Formed in Madrid by ex-Wild’s vocalist Javier Endara, the band captures the essence of 80’s hard rock/heavy metal bands, like Scorpions, White Snake, Judas Priest, etc. and they really did an excellent job. All tracks are forged in melodic sections, powerful vocal lines epis guitar solos, and overall, personality. Yep, basically the band composed quite mature songs, somewhere in the middle point from AOR music and 80’s hard rock. Here, Javier handles bass guitar duties, and vocalist’s David Requejado (ex-Perfect Smile, Alborea) high pitched throat’s is remarkable. He really has some great moments, like chorus in track 5, or second verse in track 6 where he sings quite similar to Michael Sweet from Stryper. All in all, this is a superlative release forged in true spirit of heavy metal, 80’s styled and deep rooted in class and good taste. It’s highly recommended for those followers of big names that gave a style to this music and keep the flame alive in the hearts. – Victor Varas

saderecords (at)

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