Album Review UNDER THE CHURCH Rabid Armageddon

Under the Church

UNDER THE CHURCH “Rabid Armageddon”

Pulverised Records

What a piece of destructive and rotten death metal I have here!! Of course these ex members of Nirvana 2002 know about extreme metal music as they are not foling around, and composed truly ferocious pieces of putrefaction and obscurity.

All tracks are based in vertiginous rhythms and venomous guitar riffs, recorded in abysmal atmospheres. Actually, the distortion is old school, and sounds crude like a piece of flesh. Traces of venomous thrash metal can be found in the entire album, and it seems like these guys just want to set the world on fire with three notes. But some tracks have a mid-pace mood and sound really heavy and stinky. What else can we ask to these veterans of the genre? Even they add good doses of complexity to the structures, and the true influences of old-rusty metal denote people who lived and were part of the old glories of death metal movement in the North of Europe. The result is simply phenomenal. This album reflects the real work of a band that I met by a tape recorded a couple years ago, that arrived to my mail. (find the review here) Very old school vibes, dude. I’m glad to see what’s going on with this Northern entity, which has become in one of my favorites in the genre, nowadays. – Victor Varas

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