Album Review ASTARIUM Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga

Astarium cover artwork

ASTARIUM “Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This is one of the most peculiar black metal albums I’ve heard lately. It’s a one-man band with a large list of releases since 2006, and seems like master mind Nikolai Sikeritskiy is a quite prolific composer with particular tastes and styled in the genre.

Coming from Novosibirsk, Russia, this guy based all tracks in melodic sections, crude guitar riffs and many keyboards arrangements. Everything is surrounded by atmospheric walls done by keys arrangements, actually. Maybe instruments sound a bit artificial, and maybe all tracks have repetitive sections in some specific points, but this guy knows what he is doing and forged a unique sound with good orchestral compositions, neoclassic sections and deep growling vocals. The question is: how this piece of black metal would sound with live musicians? I think this is one of those black metal solo-projects that worth to listen with live people, and a can of cold beer. It’s recommended for followers with big criteria and receptive mind. – Victor Varas

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