Album Review HYPERION Blood of the Ancients

Hyperion demo cover art

HYPERION “Blood of the Ancients”

Demo (Black Lion Prods)

Don’t confuse this band with the other dozen around the globe sharing the same name (especially with the Mexican one which Erubey Bello from Diagnosis founded some years ago), these guys come from Stockholm, Sweden, and definitely are making good shit with creative sections, and high musical skills.

On three tracks, the band shows quite mature compositions, balanced in aggressive guitar riffs, melodic lines, folk (just listen to song “Blood of the Ancients”, and epic guttural vocals. Of course we can name a large list of influences here, but they know a particular perspective of melodic death metal genre, where all elements transmit distinctive states of mind and particular hue. All tracks have personality and deliver good doses of melody, but these guys have good taste and create excellent moments of chaotic miasma, among good musical arrangements. Kudos for the last guitar solo in “Blood of the Ancients” which seems to be the best song of the demo. This is a really good example of modern death metal forged in Stockholm, it sounds solid, balanced and obscured like hell. Although it’s a demo released in 2010, the band is supposed to reveal a debut album this year via Black Lion Productions. It’s highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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