Album Review UNHOLY TRIUMPHANT Circulus Vitiosus

Unholy Triumphant cover artwork

UNHOLY TRIUMPHANT “Circulus Vitiosus”

Black Lion Productions

This is an authentic war machine! On the second album, this Ukrainian horde forged a superlative opus rooted in hybrid sounds of death metal and black metal.

All tracks bring solid elements and hyper-aggressive guitar riffs, among excellent guttural lines. I’m impressed due high level of guitar arrangements, as this sound chaotic and complex, but if you listen carefully you will notice high doses of technical stuff in specific moments. Also, vocalist makes different lines and adds touches of bestiality which sound very good. This is a band that mixes different structures in vertiginous chaos, but they have good taste and they know which direction is going before it become a mess. And the result still is crude and rude. Also, it seems like they have been deep into extreme music since many years, since all tracks deliver obscured atmospheres and a peculiar touch of bestiality. This is highly recommended for those who are looking for hidden gems in European scene. – Victor Varas

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