Album Review DIESEAR Ashes of the Dawn

Diesear cover artwork

DIESEAR “Ashes of the Dawn”

Metal Scrap

This is my first encounter with metal scene from Taiwan, and as usual, I’m more than satisfied with high level compositions and high musical skills in all members.

Coming from Taipei, these guys formed the band in 2007 and they have released two full length albums so far. This is melodic death metal highly influenced by Swedish sound and aggressive lines. Also, contains doses of modern elements and literally tons of guitar arrangements. It seems like these young musicians have spent a lot of time in composing the tracks, as everything sounds clear, solid and almost technical. Actually, the guitar work is awesome and denotes both guitarists with good musical tastes. For example, track “Breath Remains” which is an emotive instrumental song with good melodic sections and superlative guitar technique. This album is balanced and very well produced, and I’m sure it will be a reference for modern metal music in that country. If you are looking for fresh blood in melodic metal, coming from non-common places around the globe, this is a good option. Support! – Victor Varas

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