Album Review NO SALVATION Defiling Verses

No salvation tape cover artwork

NO SALVATION “Defiling Verses”

Morbidchapel Records

Poland is certainly one of the most prolific countries now produce Death Metal and No Salvation presents his first CD independently.

A small intro so typical of the old bands starts the attack on quietly, “You rise in vain” opens with the typical old school riff Polish (Vader – Hate – Armageddon) average over time, powerful riff without exaggerating in his voice. The second issue is more into the influence of Behemoth; it is death / black metal with slow parts. The management of the guitars is perfect, the rhythm section throughout the album supports mortal riffs, the voice is accurate for style. “Coroner’s friend” is slow further in Bolt Thrower / Grave, with typical riff rope gives you the necessary feeling of horror and the group gives each item a unique identity, this helps a lot. Listen to “Niosacy swatlo” in addition to being sung in their native language has a deadly slow death metal halo. – Aztec Blood

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