EP Review NIGHT SCREAMER Vigilante

Night Screamer cover artwork



This is another good example of what is going on in English heavy metal in the underground scene, beyond extreme metal bands.

Coming from London, UK, these guys composed a very solid and respectable EP with three excellent songs. I liked how they mix distinctive influences, going from USA’s 80’s hard rock to classic British heavy metal. All tracks denote people with high doses of iron in the veins, as we can hear rhythm guitars in “God of war” which recall “Painkiller”. Also, I can’t say this is the most original heavy metal I’ve heard but the band makes a big effort to get a unique style and if I don’t mistake, they are going to get it soon. Everything is based in good melodies, great vocal lines and iconic guitar solos, but the band should work a bit harder to get a place in the glorious road of the genre. However, as aforementioned, they are really good and I hope to see more news from them in the future. – Victor Varas

Note: This EP is ONLY available thru the band’s website for download


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