Album Review ABYSMAL GRIEF Strange Rites of Evil

ABYSMAL GRIEF cover artwork

ABYSMAL GRIEF “Strange Rites of Evil”

Terror from Hell Records

Holy shit! These veterans did it again, the new album is a perfect example of Italian doom metal manifestation, and everything involved with this production is dark, rare and grim.

Coming from Ligury, Italy, the band was founded in 1996 or something, and they’ve been active since then, releasing excellent pieces of darkness. Of course, they have forged a unique sound based in the darkest side of doom metal genre, sinister walls of keyboards and oppressive vocal lines which make you feel uncomfortable since the first song. I really love this band and its high talent to transmit obscured madness and twisted feelings, with mortuary atmospheres and a peculiar perspective of horror music. Also, they make homage to those Old Italian bands of obscure rock music in almost every note (Black Hole, Paul Chain, etc.) and they often include sections like soundtrack from Giallo movies. This is an album that truly transmits very rare and poisonous atmospheres, and is highly recommended if you follow the darkest side of occultist doom metal genre. – Victor Varas

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