Album Review MOLOKEN All Is Left to See

Moloken cover artwork

MOLOKEN “All Is Left to See”

Temple of Torturous

Honestly, I had to listen to this album several times before to get the peculiar vibes. Coming from Sweden, these guys created a third album full of bizarre structures, poisonous atmospheres and painful vocal lines (literally speaking).

All tracks bring distinctive states of mind and deliver high octane melodies full of sorrow and gritty stuff. This is a quite peculiar form of metal music, as it’s forged in progressive sections, melodic-post-metal melodies and excellent musical arrangements. Compositions give priority to the whole concept, and what you can feel in a particular moment is what the band tries to transmit via dark notes and instrumental passages. Certainly these guys know about extreme metal and all the different forms of it. The roots in the genre remain on every step, but the band is here for more subliminal stuff. This is not bad for a band that is on the road to create a unique style with class and thick roots in existential themes. It worth, and I highly recommend it if you follow experimental side of death/doom metal genre from the North of Europe. – Victor Varas

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