Album Review PEDOPHILE PRIEST Dark Transgression of the Soul

Pedophile Priest cover artwork

PEDOPHILE PRIEST “Dark Transgression of the Soul”

Metal Scrap Records

Beyond the corrosive and shocking name of the band, this is a quite peculiar album mixing death metal, technical stuff and experimental sections.

Coming from Dublin, Ireland, these guys created a good debut album based in different sources of extreme metal music. All tracks have good doses of chaos and technical stuff which means many hours of composition behind rehearsal room. Obviously, these guys know what they are doing and offer holocaustic death metal with touches of melody and modernity, if you know what I mean. The whole thing is tied with a particular taste of progressive/experimental arrangements which gives a personality to the band. Even some keyboards are included here and there. Yes, they know about modern death metal, but it seems like they also want to step forward the frontier of the genre, and they are learning how to transmit different and distinctive states of mind inside the songs. This death metal is for open mind people who know about complexity, hyper-aggressive guitar riffs and experimental mode in extreme music. If you are purist of the genre, stay away. – Victor Varas

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