Album Review EXTERMINAS Dichotomy

Exterminas cover artwork

EXTERMINAS “Dichotomy”

Satanath Records

A piece of chaotic and cathartic black metal I have here! What a piece! Founded in 2009 in Veneto, Italy, this is supposed to be the third production for the horde, and you will enjoy it if you worship hybrids of atmospheric black metal and obscured death metal with high octane growls.

I liked this album because everything has high doses of complexity and extremely well done musical arrangements, which denote people with thick roots in Nordic extreme bands. Of course they’ve found the point where all tracks are buried under the same vibe, and seems like they found an own personality. And that’s importantm, these days. It’s an album that has moments of brutality as well as slow-tempo songs. I must say that compositions sound equilibrated, simple and effective. My favorite one is track 7 “In Apotheosis of Pandemonium” which delivers lethal blasting and perennial guitar riffs in the vein of old black metal bands from the North of Europe. All in all, it’s a great album from Italian underground scene. – Victor Varas

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