Album Review HORRIFIC DISEASE Outbreak

Horrific Disease cover artwork


Satanath Records

This is a great album forged in the spirit of death metal and high doses of thrash metal structures, which denote people with musical skills.

Coming from Japan, it’s the creation of Makoto Mizoguchi, an old metal warrior who has been part of Hate Eternal, Pirexia, Internal Suffering, etc. Of course, this guy knows how to create massive and destructive death metal with complex essence and hyper-fast guitar riffs. All tracks have excellent roots in brutality, but this guy added some melodic stuff in specific moments and all is based the work in literally tons of guitar arrangements. In the first tracks everything seems to be rooted in a violent hybrid form of thrash metal and death metal with guttural vocals. The putrid air of 90’s corrupts every note, but somehow this guy incorporates modern sounds with good taste. Also, I liked the way he composed using punkish spirit and technical elements here and there, like if two worlds collide with rabid guitar riffs. My favorite one is “The Pissed Punisher”, which is the last track and sounds chaotic and totally complex to the extreme. This is a good album for those who are looking technical bands from Japan, with high doses of violence and brutality. – Victor Varas

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