Album Review TORTURE RACK Barbaric Persecution

Torture Rack cover art

TORTURE RACK “Barbaric Persecution”

Memento Mori

Duude!! This sounds chaotic, poisonous and nasty as the devil’s arse. Formed in 2012 in Portland, Oregon by members from Cemetery Lust, Blood Freak, Witch Vomit, etc, this is a band that takes classic death metal genre into an abyssal and obscured level.

Of course they know about death metal genre and created excellent dark atmospheres under painful guitar riffs. All tracks are monstrous and capture the real essence of pestilent death metal, in the classic vibe of 90’s. Even the recording is direct to the bone, and beyond chaotic noise you can notice high musical skills in all members. Also, I must say that this sounds brutal and direct to the point, although delivers good doses of complexity, here and there. It seems like these guys are old metal warriors who worship ancient bands like Autopsy, Death, Massacre, etc. and definitely they know what they are doing. What we have here is an album next to be a classic in modern American death metal. Sulphur is out and I can smell it. – Victor Varas

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