Album Review FROM THE VASTLAND Blackhearts

From the Vastland cover artwork


Symbol of Domination Prod.

Holy Shit! This is an excellent piece of destructive black metal. Somehow this is one of those productions that capture the real essence of darkness, pain and holocaust.

Completely new for me, this band released a fourth production full of ominous guitar riffs and hyper-fast drum sections. There is no room for weak parts here; everything is tied in the most obscured and venomous atmosphere. All compositions have thick roots in ancient beasts from the North of Europe, and the twisted mind of a mad and lonely composer. His name is Sina, and comes from Tehran, Iran, but moved to Norway to continue this black beast, some years ago. This EP production contains two tracks full of morbidity and one track made of atmospheric orchestrations. Of course, all of them have distinctive sections full of rabid lines and amazing performance. This is an authentic gem of modern black metal, and it’s highly recommended for those old skulls who still worship one-man projects with high quality and class. I’m crushed with this band. Note: As extra info, this band has live musicians, which are members and ex members from Keep of Kalessin, 1349, Morbid Angel, among others. – Victor Varas

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