Album Review SPHERON A Clockwork Universe

Spheron cover artwork

SPHERON “A Clockwork Universe”

Apostasy Records

This is excellent Germanic death metal full of technical structures, complexity and roots in the most solid side of the genre.

All members in the band have musical skills and they really know what they want, as all compositions are eclectic and very well produced. Also, they manage some “modern” elements in specific moments, carefully mixed with parts rooted in progressive metal. This is an album that will blow your head because of high-octane guitar riffs and hyper-aggressive guttural, but somehow there is an intention of making a step forward looking for own personality. If you ask me, all tracks are forged in chaos and high doses of musical arrangements, for example, Spanish guitar in middle of track “Pendulum”. Also, rhythm section is quite tied and singular, and all tracks transmit distinctive states of emotional catharsis. All in all, this is an excellent second album that will burn in your hands, literally speaking. It’s an album to be played as many times as required, just to understand it properly. Yes, it’s highly recommended for those lovers of brutality and complex death metal without falling in clichés. – Victor Varas

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