Album Review BLOT Ilddyrking

Blot Cover artwork

BLOT “Ilddyrking”


This is a great full length debut album of Viking black metal. Formed in 2007 in Vest-Agder, Norway (don’t confuse with the other band with the same name) these guys have big experience in extreme metal music as they are part of bands like Mental Disaster, In Vain, Apostasy, etc.

The band is nothing but a good example of Nordic black metal with solid vibes ala Bathory, Viking sounds and highly influenced by gods Dissection, in the entire album. Of course, all tracks have excellent guitar riffs, rabid vocals and holocaustic drum parts. I liked it because the band transmits the true essence of coldness and obscurity with no problem, and it sounds epic, darkened and high quality. If you ask me, all tracks share the same vibe of epic guitar lines and corrosive vocals, but definitely it’s more oriented for those who worship Viking black metal sounds, among aggressive arrangements and blasting drums. Kudos for the excellent cover version of “Where Dead Angels Lie”, which truly is a gem of Nordic black metal genre. – Victor Varas

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