Album Review DIABOLICAL MESSIAH Satan Tottendemon Victory

Diabolical Messiah cover art

DIABOLICAL MESSIAH “Satan Tottendemon Victory!!!”

Caverna Abismal Records

Originally released in Proselytism Recs and Blood Harvest Recs, this piece of satanic brutality is now released in tape format, limited in 200 copies.

Actually, if I don’t mistake, after many demos and split releases, this is the debut full length album of these Chilean demons that have been active since 1999 or something. All tracks reference to early American death metal with high doses of bestiality and a Latin-American touch in almost every note. Of course these guys know about extreme metal music, and they composed high octane guitar lines on holocaustic drum sections. It’s a band that sounds chaotic, complex and brutal at the same time, but they also added some superlative guitar arrangements which make them sound totally unleashed and venomous. Also, you can hear deep roots in Latin-American death metal, with excellent guttural vocals and sharp guitar riffs here and there. No doubt this is one of the most representative names in South American death metal cult. It’s a tape version that worth every cent. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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