Album Review PUTREVORE Tentacles of Horror

Putrevore Cover artwork

PUTREVORE “Tentacles of Horror”

Xtreem Music

If I don’t mistake, this is the third full length production of the duo band. Of course, everybody knows what’s going on here with the combination of two big names of death metal genre, nowadays.

Dave Rotten (Avulsed) on vocals and the multifaceted Rogga Johansson on all instruments. This is pure Death metal in the vein of old gods from the North of Europe, and I must say that Dave truly recorded killer cavernous vocals in the entire album. Actually, I can hear an extremely interesting mix of vocals recording, as you can hear in both channels excellent arrangements. Guitars lines sound deep, raw and apocalyptical, and believe it or not, they have this sounds a bit fresh and distinctive from Rogga’s known sound. All tracks make clear that this is classic death metal composed by old people involved in the genre for decades. Especially for those who believe that both of these guys have already so many projects and bands and shit, you should give a chance to this piece of putrefactive flesh. You will bite it motherfuckers!! – Victor Varas

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