Album Review BESTIAL DEFORM Together We’ll Destroy the World

Bestial Deform cover artwork

BESTIAL DEFORM “Together We’ll Destroy the World”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

I didn’t know anything about this band, supposed to be a precursor of death metal genre in Russia. This re edition contains debut album along with the demo “Worship to Madness”, and for those music palaeontologists, it must be quite interesting.

This is a very crude and morbid form of chaotic death metal, with good guitar riffs and the essence of obscured music in almost every note. All tracks are based in extremely complex guitar riffs and cathartic drums, but vocalist Kirill Ulanenkov recorded nasty gutturals which fit perfect to the concept. Also, you can feel black blood in all musical structures where inclusive bass guitar has its own space, and sounds killer. Final four tracks are for the demo, and it shows a young band recording in what seems to be rehearsal room, and I must admit that they had quite mature ideas since then. This time they added some bestiality and holocaustic atmospheres in specific moments. Although it’s not a very prolific band, it seems like they continued until now and they published some full length albums and EPs productions. As aforementioned, this is a piece of collection for those who are into extreme metal music in that part of the world. – Victor Varas

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