Album Review CRYPTOPSY The Book of Suffering Tome1

Cryptopsy cover artwork

CRYPTOPSY “The Book of Suffering (Tome1)”


As far as know, this Canadian legend decided to release self-produced material since some years ago. This time they are back with one of the most technical, fast and intense EP I heard this year.

After seven full length albums of incredible fast death metal, these guys released a good EP for those who believe that extreme metal music has nothing to offer these days. This is pure holocaustic and technical death metal full of furious guitar riffs, brutal vocal lines and a large list of musical arrangements which denotes the big experience of the band. Of course they have already created an own sound, but they beat the same formula on this EP. The band oriented this production into something much more direct-to-the-point and crude recording, and all tracks denote high octane sections among brutal instrumentation. I mean, this sounds brutal and completely complex, and the band don’t give you a breath as everything is tied with intensity. Also, they have good taste and combined some gore elements with extremely sick elements in modern sounds. If you are fan of this band, you know what you will find. If you are reading this for curiosity, just get prepared for one of the most complex and well produced death metal releases of the year. Extreme and powerful!! – Victor Varas

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