Album Review OVERDOZE Supreme Dosage

Overdoze cover artwork

OVERDOZE “Supreme Dosage”


After several demos, this young band presents a very decent and solid debut album forged in thrash metal. I really liked this album because the band knows how to stay away from the modern revival of the genre, and tries to transmit a new form of holocaust music.

Actually, everything is composed around rhythm sections and definitely these guys have high musical skills, as everything is tied and arranged as hell. Also, they take the best of classic thrash metal and re-interpret with a logical interaction, rooted in simple and effective guitar riffs. Musically speaking, this is a young band that is in the correct road to get an own sound, although they should work a bit more, I can say that they are not wasting the time behind rehearsal room. Beyond joining the new wave of childish thrash metal, these guys are planning more serious things for the future, and there is no room for weak songs here, or boring clichés. This is authentic thrash metal fuelled by alcohol, insanity and way of life, of course. Support!! – Victor Varas

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