Album Review SERPENTS LAIR Circumambulating the Stillborn

Serpents Lair cover artwork

SERPENTS LAIR “Circumambulating the Stillborn”

Hellthrasher Prod.

This is a collaborative release between Hellthrasher, Fallen Empire and Duplicate Records, and I’m glad to know as it’s a piece of misanthropic and ritualistic Black Metal manifest.

Coming from Sjælland, Denmark, we are talking about musicians extremely deep into the genre, as they composed a high octane debut album with excellent dark atmospheres. All tracks have a peculiar smell of death metal, but at the same time they are nearest to crude and holocaustic black metal roots, and no doubt this band knows what they want. I really liked how this album transmits ominous doses of pain, as all compositions are based in sharp guitar riffs and oppressive tunes. Also, they managed excellent sections balanced between fast attack and slow tempo parts. This band has influences from various sides of the genre, mainly the one that is prolific in the North of Europe; nevertheless I can hear poisonous black blood of death metal, here and there, definitively this is a band that doesn’t need to demonstrate nothing, and I must say that they recorded a quite mature and honest black metal album I’ve heard lately. Enjoy it. – Victor Varas

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