Album Review BLACK OATH To Below and Beyond

Black Oath cover artwork

BLACK OATH “To Below and Beyond”

Terror from Hell

Holy shit! These Italians created an excellent opus of doom metal, again… This is the third full length album of their career, (and numerous EPs, singles and Split productions) and definitely everything has high quality.

This is a notorious band that perfectly recovers the essence of dark music, with metal elements, and awesome structures forged in bizarre atmospheres and cryptic lines. All tracks are a unique experience, and beyond being songs, they really are interactive compositions which give overdose the listener in a trip to unconscious. And it’s an experience that takes you away into the world of sonic insanity and carefull melodies forged in solitude, mysticism and witchcraft. Also, I have to say that the entire album has references to big names like Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, etc, but the band has already forged a own sound since many years ago, and they are not reinterpreting doom metal genre, now they are creating another perspective of dark music with dense doses of epic guitar riffs and perfect (clean) vocal lines. No doubt we are talking about one of the most representative bands of dark music in Italy, since Death SS, Paul Chain, etc. Excellent! – Victor Varas

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