Album Review DEMENTIA 13 Ways of Enclosure

Dementia 13 cover artwork

DEMENTIA 13 “Ways of Enclosure”

Memento Mori

And now, we move over the map to Oporto, Portugal, with one of the most putrid, stinky and authentic death metal bands I’ve heard lately.

These guys released a highly acclaimed EP in 2013, and then we didn’t have news until this full length album. This is a pure death metal form, with clear influences from American old school, like Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, etc. I really like the theme of old terror movies, and this band has an obvious reference to the cult movie directed by F.F. Coppola in 60’s. Of course, music gives high doses of rancid guitar riffs and extremely profound gutturals, with morbidity and knowledge about the death metal sound. I liked the instrumental cover of Helloween’s soundtrack, which I’ve always said it’s creepy and metal as hell. This is a band that steps outside for what the genre has developed lately, and it’s a band that has huge potential to become one of the best acts of death metal in Europe, in years. Don’t miss this gem if you worship death metal since the beginning. Also, it’s for fans of old horror movies. – Victor Varas

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