Album Review RED MORRIS Lady Rose

Red Morris cover artwork

RED MORRIS “Lady Rose”

Atomic Stuff Prods

I really like when people create music honest and enjoys it. This band is the creation of an Italian guitarist called Red Morris and it seems like he really enjoys what he is doing.

He moves into a very melodic and classy form of rock music, based in guitar solos, hard rock structures, Latin rhythms, and jazz; but highly influenced by big names like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Cream, etc. For some reason, this album takes you into a particular state of mind, as everything is quite well produced. Also, instruments have high musical skills and added some strong doses of rock progressive in specific points. If I don’t mistake this is a debut album for the band, and definitely is a good step to get into rock industry. For those who really enjoy honest stuff in rock music will have a good time listening to this opus. It’s not the best I’ve listened this year, but I must say that it’s a band that has potential and should mature a bit more to create something original. – Victor Varas

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