Album Review ABYSMAL GROWLS OF DESPAIR Between My Dead

Abysmal Growls of Dispair cover artwork


Satanath Records

Holy shit! This sounds sinister and absolutely obscured. For those who are looking for underrated funeral entities in Europe, you should listen to this one.

Coming from Toulouse, France, this piece of holocaustic doom death metal is the creation of a lonely musician called Hangsvart who has been part of numerous projects in the past like ANCIENT LAMENT, ARRANT SAUDADE and CATACOMBED. It’s a project that has an extensive discography since 2013, and we are talking about a quite prolific mind here. This is funeral death metal with tons of guitar riffs, apocalyptic atmospheres and subhuman gutturals. Guitars are low tuned as hell. All tracks are composed in venomous structures, and this guy added singular seal, as we can hear abyssal gutturals surrounded by bad blood and bestiality. This album can’t be more funeral and morbid. Again, my only complaint is that tracks are very long, and I can’t make it after five minutes of slow death in distorted guitars and agonic drums. This album is dark as evil’s basement, and I’m sure there will be more as the author is ridiculously prolific. This year has released two more EP’s! Great! – Victor Varas

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