Album Review DEATH DEALER Hallowed Ground

Death Dealer cover artwork

DEATH DEALER “Hallowed Ground”

SMG Records

Holy shit!! Now we are talking, duuude!! After the debut album in 2013 we didn’t heard anything from this super-band until now. It’s nothing less than absolutely powerful heavy metal with tons and tons of guitar arrangements.

But don’t expect arrogant guitar heroes here (although it’s clear that Ross the Boss and Stu Marshall can be both guitar heroes with no problem, just listen to the epic solos and track “Llega el Diablo“!!), I’m talking about high octane rhythm sections and superlative guitar lines, like holocaustic bombs. All tracks are forged in a hybrid of fast heavy metal and power metal with very big balls. This band has increased 50% the power of everything: composition, recording, guitar riffs, vocals; and the result are awesome. Vocalist Sean Peck sounds much more mature, and definitive is the main characteristic of the band. This album contains high doses of high pitched vocals, as we already know that Sean is fan of Halford, King Diamond, etc. But this time I perceive a remarkable “epic” touch on every single note, and this gives a particular personality to his voice. It’s a superb album of heavy metal at its purest essence, with tons of rhythm sections, tons of musical arrangements and awesome vocals. You can list this one on your favourites of the year since now. – Victor Varas

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