Album Review INFECTION ATTACK The Disaster Outcome

Infection Attack cover artwork

INFECTION ATTACK “The Disaster Outcome”

Metal Ways Records

I remember when I saw this young band in a small venue, in Ciudad Neza. I was really surprised due the high quality of compositions and high octane guitar riffs, rooted in the most aggressive and punkish side of thrash metal genre.

In that time I got the demo and after some weeks, I review it here. Some years after, these guys finally recorded a quite decent debut album and it worth every cent. All tracks sound excellent, with influences from old thrash metal bands from America, like Nuclear Assault, Exodus, Overkill, etc. But these youngsters add a very particular point of view, as they recover the essence of the genre. This is holocaustic and hyper-aggressive thrash metal, with literally tons of guitar arrangements, and destructive vocal lines. Also, I have to say that the work of drummer Eduardo is completely awesome. If you believe that this metal genre is going repetitive last years, maybe you are right. But you can’t deny that you can still find jewels like this one, in the underground scene of course. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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