Album Review WHEN NOTHING REMAINS In Memoriam

When nothing remains cover artwork


Solitude Productions

This is an excellent piece of doom/death metal, with oppressive elements, high quality orchestra arrangements and totally obscured atmospheres.

Coming from Gothenburg, Sweden, this band is on its third full length album already, and definitely they know exactly how to sound and how to transmit cold and depressive tunes. All tracks have slow and mid pace structures with iconic guitar riffs and profound gutturals. I’m quite impressed because of these incisive keyboards atmospheres and superb orchestrations. This band has quite eclectic tastes as they dare to add distinctive elements from other music genres, and the mix is not bad at all. The track “The Soil in my hand” we can hear female vocals with exquisite harmonies, and this is a beautiful song with touches of folk, and atmospheric stuff with synths. My only complaint is that 9 tracks of depressive and slow music makes me feel tired and a bit bored, but this album is ok, and definitely one of the best of the genre, I’ve heard from Europe this year. It’s highly recommended for followers of doom/ atmospheric metal genre – Victor Varas

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