Album Review CHAOS SYNOPSIS Seasons of Red

Chaos Synopsis cover art

CHAOS SYNOPSIS “Seasons of Red”

Black Legion

Last time that I heard about these Brazilian guys, they were in the promotion of an album called “Kvlt ov Dementia”, in 2010 or something.

It seems like they’ve been very active since then and here is the fourth full length album released in 2015, before the Split CD with mighty Terrordome. Well, this is nothing but an excellent piece of aggressive and well done thrash metal in the vein of old Exodus, Overkill, etc. I really liked the guitar work here, as they forged superlative rhythm sections, with high musical skills and good metallic spirit. Actually, everything is tied with good doses of technical guitar arrangements, but the band has good roots and you will not be bored at all. Also, I will say that those thick roots are into heavy metal, as they give a peculiar sense to musical structures and solos. If I have to say a word, these guys are into a crucial time of their musical career. If they keep intact the style and start to forge and own sound, they will make it and they will recover a high octane sound in modern thrash metal music. For now, they are hitting strong the road, and I’m sure I will hear more news from them soon. This album is highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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