Album Review ESCARNIUM Godless Shrine of Decay

ESCARNIUM cover art

ESCARNIUM “Godless Shrine of Decay”

Redefining Darkness Records

I don’t like compilation releases, but I admit that sometimes these are necessaries due the high quality of music. These Brazilian guys have been active since 2008 and almost every single demo and Split releases, worth every cent.

It’s nothing less than a provocative form of death metal with and authentic seal and people involved in extreme music since many years. All tracks have incendiary guitar riffs and tons of references of Death metal from 90’s in the North of Europe. Curiously, all tracks reveal that the band has grown musically speaking in distinctive periods of time. I really liked the work of vocalist Victor Elian who delivers excellent lines in deep and cavernous growls. Also, everything is surrounded by a thick and obscured atmosphere, formed by a dark wall of sound and black blood. If I don’t mistake, in this band participate two live members of another obscured beast called Incarceration. This is dark and intense death metal highly influenced by old school in Sweden, and you will love it if you worship ominous sounds and rotten structures in the genre. – Victor Varas

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