Album Review EVIL BRAIN TASTE Dead Dead Bad

Evil Brain taste cover artwork



Definitely the zombie topic in metal music is nothing new (yeah, read the name of this blog hehehe!!) but I must say that these guys know exactly what they want, and recorded a very decent debut album.

Coming from Berkshire, UK, this is a band that forged a quite interesting hybrid of death metal, thrash metal and some elements of black metal music, with good roots and excellent guitar riffs. All tracks have personality and despite such eclectic influences, the band created a solid line in the concept, musically speaking. Also, they incorporate classic structures in the songs, and added some elements of modernity, here and there. The result is great, but some tracks sound completely different, and feels like if you are listening to another band. Anyway, the band is really good and composed high octane guitar lines in almost the entire album. For those who worship excellent bands from UK’s underground metal scene, these fans of George Romero will make you have good times with eclectic guitar riffs, thrash metal structures and very mature ideas in music arrangements. We will see what happens next. Support underground! – Victor Varas

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