Album Review HELLWAFFE Worship of Anxiety

Hellwaffe cover art

HELLWAFFE “Worship of Anxiety”

Hell Is Here Production

Well, this is excellent. This is nothing less than an absolutely bestial form of black metal with high doses of morbid essence and putrid guitar riffs.

All tracks sound raw and direct to the bone, but the band actually captured singular black miasmas, forged in indecent structures, apocalyptical drums and furious vocal lines. I really liked this piece of darkness because although it’s a young band (released a demo in 2014) denote people involved in extreme metal music for many years. According to the page M.A. these guys are Polish, but seems like they relocated in Chicago, Ill., so I can’t say it’s an American old school. This band delivers high doses of rawness and has many influences, mainly from old black metal beasts from the north of Europe. I must say that almost all tracks have vertiginous and chaotic sections, and these musicians know exactly what they want, as everything is tied by good musical arrangements and heavy atmospheres, here and there. All in all, this is an excellent debut album and I think this is a name we will see announced in even bigger cartels in the near future. For those who believe that underground black metal scene is dying, you can grab this record, open a can of beer and enjoy. – Victor Varas

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