Album Review HYPERION Seraphical Euphony

Hyperion Seraphical Euphony cover artwork

HYPERION “Seraphical Euphony”

Black Lion Productions

Short after I reviewed the demo from this Swedish band, some months ago, I received a promo of what seems to be a debut album, and I have to say these guys have grown musically speaking, in a good way.

All tracks have heavy elements of melodic death metal, with tons of complex guitar arrangements and keyboards, when is required. I liked it because everything is tied with a particular perspective of extreme music, and the band has really good taste. Also, you will discover some “epic” elements in almost all tracks which remind me Dissection band, if you know what I mean. This is a band that has created an own personality, with high musical skills and superlative guitar riffs, and captured good atmospheres with expressive structures and excellent tunes. Yep, this is Swedish and melodic death metal, but somehow they have recovered a lost essence of the genre with high octane vocals and good doses of metallic spirit in all guitar work. If you ask me, this is a band that should hit a big live stage in a near future. Hopefully I will see them live someday. – Victor Varas

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