Album Review MONASTERY DEAD Black Gold Appetite

Monastery Dead cover artwork

MONASTERY DEAD “Black Gold Appetite”

Symbol of Domination Prod.

This is a very interesting album of melodic death metal forged with distinctive of progressive, thrash metal and grind core.

Coming from Saint Petersburg, Russia, these guys have two full length albums on their back, and here is the last one released in 2015. Everything is aggressive, melodic and very well tied with solid guitar riffs and destructive drums. Also, I have to say that this band has added all the time high doses of brutality and vocalist Anton Malov made a really good work, delivering holocaustic gutturals. All tracks are complex and fast, and have roots in old school American death metal, but seem like these guys know where they are standing up, and they are trying to find a unique sound. If you are purist in grindcore music or death metal, maybe this one will not catch your attention, but I admit that I find attractive this hybrid, as the band has thick roots in putrefactive music and solid guitar riffs. This is a very well tied band delivering high quality extreme metal music, and you should support underground music. Time shall tell. – Victor Varas

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