Album Review RAPID TERROR Speed Metal Bastard and Faster Master

Rapid Terror cover artwork

RAPID TERRÖR “Speed Metal Bastard / Faster Master”

P-18 Records

This is another project of the prolific musician Nicklas Rudolfsson, who also seems like he is die-hard fan of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, etc.

Of course this is nothing less than fast metal with thick roots in speed metal, thrash metal and punk music. Actually, the name is very convenient as everything is composed under fast guitar riffs and vertiginous drum structures. All tracks have the same rotten atmosphere and high doses of punkish breath. If you ask me, this is a band made of basic guitar riffs, frenetic drum rhythms and venomous vocal lines. I can’t say that this guy joined the fashion of old-spirited metal, but what he is doing is very good and I’m sure you will worship this if you are over 40’s. This piece of morbidity includes two first demos, and it was released only in tape format. Hopefully we will hear a debut full length album soon. – Victor Varas

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