Album Review WRATH SINS Contempt over the Stormfall

Wrath Sins cover artwork

WRATH SINS “Contempt over the Stormfall”

Raising Legends Records

This is supposed to be a debut album from the band, but obviously we are talking about experienced musicians here. I can hear high octane guitar riffs and quite mature ideas.

Coming from Oporto, Portugal, these guys created a very decent thrash metal album forged in complex rhythm guitars, old school roots, and modern elements here and there. It seems like these guys are huge fans of American old school of thrash metal, as everything is tied with a rotten spirit of punkish music, if you know what I mean. Also, they composed interesting musical arrangements in all tracks, and incorporated some “modern” elements which give a particular perspective to the sound. They composed some hybrid sounds where melodic stuff in the main plane, but I liked because they keep the personality of the band in every corner. I admit this is not the most original thrash band I’ve heard this year, and I’m sure they made a considerable effort to record this album, but I must say that they are on the way to take a good place in modern thrash metal scene in Europe. No copycats here and there are any kids fooling around here. This is honest thrash metal music, and you should support or die! – Victor Varas


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