Album Review INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE Spawning a Dystopian Breed

Infected Omnipotence cover artwork

INFECTED OMNIPOTENCE “Spawning a Dystopian Breed”


Hey!! I remember bands Haceldama and Innsmouth, from Dominican Republic! This band was founded by members from those entities, and this time is nothing but pure brutal death metal.

Coming from Santo Domingo, the band released an EP production and a single, in 2011, and they make clear the brutal way since the beginning. Of course, we are talking about solid and carnivore guitar riffs, fast structures and high doses of complexity. These four tracks denote the influence of Polish death metal scene mixed with American old School, as everything is tied by thick roots of brutality and corrosive vocal lines. Actually, vocalist Abortion recorded a quite decent work, and he truly delivers deadly gutturals full of blood. Also, all tracks have heavy doses of irregular compasses, morbid guitar lines and touches of grindcore music. This is a solid EP forged in furious brutal death metal. If you worship the genre and you are looking for hidden jewels, this is for you – Victor Varas

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