Album Review MERCILESS DEATH Taken Beyond

Merciless Death cover artwork


High Roller Records

This is a great piece of thrash metal from California, USA. It contains tons of old school vibes at every note, and seems like these guys have been into extreme metal music for a very long time.

After a couple of demos and two full length albums, the band composed a very solid opus with good roots in old glories of extreme metal genre, as Slayer, Possessed, Coroner, Annihilator etc, with high musical skills and extremely aggressive guitar riffs. I like this album because it was recorded direct to the bone, and sounds like if you were back in the 80’s, when every single note from instruments was real and crude. The value of compositions is that it’s a band that doesn’t care about fashion thrash metal movement nowadays. Even they don’t want to add modern elements to the music; the entire album sounds fresh and containing quite mature ideas. Also, all tracks contain high doses of complex structures that remind me bands like Coroner, Nasty Savage, Toxik, etc. This band doesn’t falls into arrogant pretentions, this is authentic thrash metal and is dark, corrosive and almost technical. It’s my first meeting with them, and I’m going to look for the other two albums, for sure. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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