After Apocalypse cover artwork

AFTER APOCALYPSE “After Apocalypse”

Logic (il) Logic Records

For those who love symphonic metal, folk metal and dark metal, you guys will find this recording quite interesting.

Coming from Lombardy, Italy, these guys composed a good debut album with tons of melodic guitar riffs, tons of symphonic arrangements and soprano vocals mixed with guttural growls (in specific moments). Nothing new here, right? Well, if you can name all the clichés in the genre, you will find most of them here, although I admit that this album has some brilliant moments like instrumental song “Crying Moon” which delivers good atmospheres… if you turn off the soprano vocals. Actually, I detected some parts in the album where this girl is out of tune and basically sounds bad. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil the party, and I will admit this debut album has something I enjoy: honesty. The band has musical elements and good roots in power metal and traditional heavy metal, which they should work a bit more in. Also, this vocalist Elena Lorenzi should take all her musical background and find an own style. The world doesn’t need another Tarja right now, believe me. All in all, these guys should work more to find an own personality if they want to find a place in the road of metal music. Otherwise they will be one band more among many. – Victor Varas

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