Album Review EXALTER Obituary for the Living

EXALTER cover artwork

EXALTER “Obituary for the Living”

Transcending Obscurity Distribution

Bands from South Asia never disappoint me and this time was not the exception. I’m quite impressed due high quality of thrash metal here.

Coming from Bangladesh, these guys created an excellent second EP release with 7 tracks full of fast guitar riffs, morbid vocals and holocaustic rhythms. All tracks are forged from the perspective of die-hard fans of the genre, mainly influenced by old American bands like Exodus, Nuclear Assault, (old) Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Testament, Death Angel, etc. I admit that these guys decided to keep the genre intact and didn’t add anything to the style. But also I must say that these songs sound fresh, mature and with tons of musical arrangements which denote high musical skills. If you ask me, my favorite track is “Nuclear Punishment” as it delivers high octane guitar arrangements, and cool lyrics. Is this another shitty band of kids? Nope, I don’t think so. This is authentic thrash metal attack with attitude, talent and great ideas. It’s absolutely recommended for those who worship the genre since many years ago. Worth’s every cent. – Victor Varas

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